About Us

The Potter's House Church of the Living God was founded in 1998 by Reverend Barbara Caesar-Stephenson. Initially, services were held in a basement on Halsey Street in the Bedford-Stuyvesant area of Brooklyn. Since then by God's grace the Potter's House has grown and expanded, welcoming all those who wish to worship and fellowship in Jesus' name.

The name "Potter's House" is taken from the allegory of the Potter's Wheel; the Potter takes a mesh of different types of clay and broken pieces and makes it into something useful. Keeping in that spirit, this ministry is for broken people, that we may impart unto them strength and the word of God so they may be made and molded into useful vessels for the Lord. Although we are a church for all people, the majority of our members are homosexual, and part of our purpose is to let it be known that lesbians and gays have a place in God, that there is renewal for us, there is sanctification for us, there is salvation for us and that we too can live holy.

Our ultimate goal is to preach the good news of our Lord Jesus Christ, that all men and women can be saved, regardless of race, sex or sexual preference.

Statement of Purpose and Mission

The ministry is a center and community for spiritual growth, where positive attitudes are developed, good people become better, hurts are healed, families are bonded, singles are valued, lesbians and gays are valued, homosexual relationships are valued, where the restless find peace, love is alive, where God is understood, eternal life is found by accepting Jesus Christ as personal savior and where Jesus Christ is Lord.
-- Pastor Barbara Caesar-Stephenson