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Grace and Peace,


My prayer is that some who do not yet know Jesus Christ as personal Lord and Savior will see how wonderful and blessed it is to trust in Jesus.  Those who do know but have doubts about their salvation may find blessed assurance of their salvation and rejoice in God’s mighty mercies and grace.  No one can be a victorious Christian or mighty in service to our Lord who does not have a blessed assurance of his or her salvation.  Many Christians are not walking in victory and are ineffective in their Christian service because of doubt.  A wise man once said that serving God with doubt in your mind is like driving an automobile with the brakes on.


I have found that those who have a solid assurance of their salvation are the happiest and healthiest Christians.  The reason for this is when we know the future is secure we can then concentrate on the present.


What does it take to give this assurance?  It takes more than conjecture, emotionalism or good intentions.  We need the solid word of God (the Bible).  Is it possible to have complete certainty unassailed by anxiety and doubt regarding salvation?  How may we know we are truly saved?


Full assurance is the birthright of every genuine believer in Christ (even unto saved gays and lesbians).  No single doctrine in all of scripture is more vital to the Christian’s daily life than this one.  A true settled assurance is the necessary proof by which all other spiritual fruit is nourished.


If you are struggling with assurance or if you know someone else who is, keep reading our webpage.  You are invited to fellowship with the Potter’s House Church of the Living God, every Sunday at 11:45am where we continually teach the Word of God and preach about the blessed assurance of salvation.

Pastor Barbara Caesar-Stephenson